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The Microbrand Watches Facebook group was launched in 2014, with the intention to create a friendly environment where everybody is welcome to share their passion for watches made by small companies. In order to give everyone a chance to be known and help budding companies reach potential customers, brand owners are free to showcase their collections. in 2021, the Microbrand Watches group and Mitch Mason Watches partnered together to create a watch that commemorates this notion, the Maelstrom MBW Edition.

The Maelstrom MBW Edition's colorway will be selected by the Microbrand Watches group community (3 choose 1). This engagement was important as this was a watch that celebrated the support of every member, and everyone should have a part to play in its creation. The selection was done via a Facebook poll in the group.

Download press kit for Maelstorm MBW Edition