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Mitch Mason Watches is founded by Benedict Ong in 2019, and is based in Singapore. He aims to propel Mitch Mason to become a microbrand watch company that empowers vintage design with contemporary purpose, bringing timeless and enduring timepieces to your wrist.

Mitch (mɪtʃ): one who plays truant
Mason (ˈmeɪs(ə)n/): a skilled builder

Combining the two reflects breaking the rules to build great things. We hope to reflect the spirit of the rule-breakers of the industry. To not just be another microbrand, but one that excites and creates.

OUR MISSION: Mitch Mason aims to bring timeless and enduring timepieces to your wrist through vintage inspired designs refreshed with contemporary purpose.

OUR VISION: To become a true and independent microbrand watch company, dedicated to creation.